Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I dont have much to say, Im trying to do all my homework today so I can have the whole weekend to myself! I have a love hate relationship with spring break. I love it because i can do whatever i want and not have to go to class, but i get extremly bored. I did line up some dvds to watch, but those are through. Im going to go get my taxes done so hopefully that will kill some hours. haha

here are some pictures that explain my life right now . hope you enjoy

We dyed the shop dog green! its so cute.

Ethan getting his hair cut, hes such a ham! whenever we go in there he flirts with all the ladies and they load him up with sugar.

MMMM bob evans! so good. I love soaking their buns in honey (lol) and getting this coffee drink! try it, i hate whipped cream but theirs tastes like ice cream!

My sister, Ethan, and myself at a wedding
and now pictures that just make me smile =]
if i ate these there would be a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy!

Mario, chose the racoon outfit, you always looked so cute in it!

mmm starbucks. have you tried their new white chocolate cherry? or chocolate cherry? DO IT!

I hope everyone has a AWESOME st patricks day! drink a lot of green beer for me!

Also if anyone wants to share blog buttons please let me know!


Carrie said...

your dog is so cute I can't hardly stand it lol! The food looks so good have a great day!