Thursday, February 25, 2010

The other day my son and i ventured off to the science center. I dont know if they have one in your area but its a free place you can go and just look at all things science.  for reference. well of  course they have a pretty awesome gift store. and they had Astronaunt food! I have always wanted to try it. FREEZED DRIED FOOD. doesnt that just sound yummy?

As i looked the only thing that seems to interest my tummy was the freeze dried ice cream.
How can anyone botch ice cream. I mean they even deep fry it. it cant be that bad, so i purchased some and went home.

I later went over to Andrew's house and conned him into trying some with me.

looks yummy right? the store clerk told me it was SO GOOD. and that it had the same texture as the marshmellows in lucky charms. ( they were wrong, very wrong.) It by far has been one of the nastiest things I have ever tasted in my entire life. Andrew was not a big fan of it either. I dont even think he swallowed his.

"yay im so excited!"

It was the hardest thing ever,  think of biting straight into a jawbreaker

not impressed

"I really hate you for doing this to me"


It was by the far, i cant even describe it! I do not suggest this to anyone, maybe though, your worst enemy.


Lindsay said...

LOLOLOLOL this is so cute!!!! You guys faces are priceless!!

Hope you have a great weekend!! thanks for the smile in the early A.M!!

CourtneyTM said...

i will totally send you some so you can try it! its like three bucks!

Joana G. said...

It was nice that someone took that photos because they really describe the process :D looks so funny and even with that expression in your face you look so pretty!

Love from Portugal,