Friday, February 19, 2010

tonite my son is with his father, now his father is a total pos, i am so beyond mad so this is going to be a rant. i cant believe the lenghts my sons father will go, i totally regret ever being with him. the fact of the matter is, my son is with him right now and he left ethan call me to say goodnight but to make me mad, he hung up the phone on me, when i call back, if i didnt say goodnight within the first five seconds he would hang up on me, like im only  allowed to say goodnight to my son. not even ask him how his day was. not do anything. What am i supposed to do? put up with this shit because of my son? corey has no rights. REPEATING he has no rights what so ever. so why do i have to put up with all this bullshit all  the time? seriously? i chose to let ethan go over there to help my son out, cause believe me i get nothing out of it. I guess whenever i get him back im just going only let ethan call corey when he wants to, or tells me he does, no longer will i make him call him. no longer will i just let him have him every other weekend. because im sick to death of this.
I have no one to talk to and no one to get advice from. everyone i know is actually in a marriage with the person they have kids with and in love, and i feel like im the odd man out. corey has never been around. he was put in jail two days after i had ethan. then got out for a year. was still never around. would tell me he was coming to get ethan and never show up.

so now i finally got to tell ethan goodnight, after calling back to back 15 times in a row. after that corey has the nerve to tell me "youre welcome". fuck you, im not going to thank you for something that you should be doing and that i do for you on a nightly basis and wait, you didnt even do for me, cause you would hang up the phone on  me.  a person can only take so much before she snaps, yano?

i know im very personal on this blog, and im sure a lot of you are like, just deal with it, but when you are in the situation, its best to just vent, and then ask for advice. i dont know, i hope i dont offend anyone with anything i post.

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Caitlin said...

Try and stay strong! :)