Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i am so exhausted, ethan and i usually get up at 830. but since school started i have been getting up at 730 and its just been crazy. i dont know why losing an hour of sleep makes you so tired but it really really does. they dont even really waste any time before giving you loads of homework, which i did after work today so im all caught up, yay for long baths for the kid!

so since im like brain dead, ill leave you with some pictures.

look at this yucky spider i found in my MAILBOX! i dont have the heart to kill it but im pretty sure its pregnant. its huge! i did some reasearch and im pretty sure its a crabspider? i could be wrong. It will just guard my mail!

the cutest dog my boss owns at our work. Its a poodle and look at those big blue eyes!
it follows me around all day and i cant help but love it but i dont want to spend 700 on a dog!

i know its true but, damn, i got offended! mother gene i suppose, maybe if he wasnt so blunt.

ethan and myself.


is it me, or is DALE EARNHARDT in my city?! lol he does own a raceway here, but i doubt its him. why would you drive around in that and create attention if you were just visiting.
i know my town is the meth capital of the world ( it is sadly =[ ) but do we have to have hooisers as well?

today i found this tick at work, i work at a dog groomers so it probably came in on one of the dogs, but look at that thing! its huge. so since im a known tomboy, I......

cut it open~! it was FULL of blood. i have never seen a tick this big, but i did some research and its a cow tick. im used the smaller black ticks. 

here is my banner, my computer sucks and i had to use paint! so bare with it lol

if you guys could put this on your page, and maybe make a post for people to add me? i would be FOREVER ( think of stand by me and the awesome chunk face jerry oconnell used to be)

the code is :

<a href=""> <img src="" /></a>


Lindsay said...

omy! i hate spiders!!! already added your button :)

CourtneyTM said...

i do too, but look at that thing! i wanted to get my nikon out and take a picture of it but i had to go to class.

Carrie said...

loved your picture except I hate spiders eek!

I am adding your button :)


Kristie said...

You are brave. I would've totally ran from that thing. I'm a new follower of your blog. I think I saw that you are doing the Valentine swap, cool me too.

CourtneyTM said...

yes i am! you will be getting a card from me soon! i just need to start making them

Mrs. April said...

Hey! I'm a new follower. That spider scared the CRAP out of me. I'm not kidding when I say I would have SCREAMED if I saw that thing. Grrooossss.... haha.