Sunday, January 10, 2010

only the lonely

Kaelah tagged me in 7 things post over at her blog (by the way check her out!) so I'm going to attempt to do it myself.

1.  I hate being single and I hate being in a relationship. I dont want to have someone ask me where i am and what im doing and feel guilty for being a little flirty, because thats who i am, but i hate being single, esp when i see a couple and they are being really cute and have the same style and a little bit of me dies inside.

2. I am the black sheep of my family. but in a good way if that makes sense. All my family either has a co dependancy of alcohol or pot. I dont drink or do drugs, they let it control them. this is not my extended family, just my immediate family.

3. I can resite movies and tv shows with no problem, but when it comes to songs i can never remember the words. and at times it really drives me crazy. I usually just make up my own words so i dont look like an idiot. but i always say them quietly so no one can really hear it.

4. I am obsessed with marilyn monroe. I find her life inspiring. I usually get into fights with my parents, friends, neighbors, even strangers on her death and her life and defend her. she is someone i can really relate to, she had mental disease and i have ocd, and she was just trying to be the best actress and wife and survive, and im just trying to be the best mother and friend and survive.

5. When i was younger all i wanted to be was a stand up comedian, i would sit and watch comedy central all the time, i was really outgoing and hyper in high school, but then after that i became shy and i felt like i could never go on stage and do that, so i have changed my mind

6. Im super shy when you first meet me, but after i warm up to you, i will never shut up. in my group of friends i have to be the center of attention. its hell for my boyfriends to get me to meet their families, i never want to do it. i get all sweaty and i dont know what to talk about, so i just sit tehre like a fly on the wall.

7.  i am very short tempered. it takes a while for me to get fired up but once i do there is no stoping me, its true what they say about red heads, we are crazy!

I dont even have seven people on my followers list so i tag the five people i do have! lol


Lindsay said...

I posted something similar to this yesterday :) I love Marilyn Monroe too!!