Friday, January 8, 2010

Today has been such a lazy day. I woke up and went to the post office to get the giveaway prize from kaelah bees blog. they could not deliever it because of my drive way. i absoultley love it!


(i had already put the cupcake ornament on my tree, yes its still up! i am lazy)

Also today I worked on my painting by numbers. it was one of my new years resolutions to finish one. here is the progress i have made thus far.

day one




I picked out the hardest one with the most detail. I turn on the music and turn off my phone and it really is relaxing. I suggest you guys try it

After i got it from the post office and painted I went to target and finally tried on that Rodarte for Target blue dress and a couple of other things.


I bought it to see what i can do with it. obviously i am not going to wear the black bra with it, but i wasnt going to try it on without one.
Hopefully it can look right on me or to ebay it goes! I tried on a bunch of their other stuff from the collection, but nothing looked right on me, i wanted the ribcage dress but it was out of my size, i might go to another target just to see.

I also cleaned a lot to get ready for school. im kind of nervous about it really. its been a long time and i need to get some things figure out on how to study and whatever because i have no skillz lol

In boy news, im still single, like always but i kind of like it that way. I made amends with one of my exs. two years in the waiting. i dont plan on ever getting back together with him or anything, but its nice that im on good terms with every single one of my exs. even the ones that were the horrible break ups. you know the kind were you call over and over and over till they pick up, you fight and then someone hangs up only to repeat the cycle over and over again.

okay well that is all for now, hopefully more things start to pick up so i have actually stories to tell.

things i need to do before sunday
-get my eyebrows waxed
-put my parking sticker on my car
-clean out my trunk in my car

and yes, i have seen the bangwagon and jumped on it.


kaelah beauregarde said...

yay! it works!

Amber said...

oH...Love the painting I so want to try painting one soon! Might ask for one for my birthday!