Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I am just to the point where i am fed up with guys. i cant handle it anymore. what else am i supposed to do? the one person who i thought would change, well guess what? he didnt. anyone could see it coming. I dont relate to anyone and i dont even have that high of standards. I just want someone who isnt boring/annoying, someone that cares about family, is actually going somewhere in life. can hang out with my friends without having a panic attack and like freaking out, who isnt so negative all the time and whines alot. someone who likes watching movies, reading books and going to concerts. oh and who is decent looking, im shallow what can i say.

corey and i have not been getting along. he wants to try to work things out. and i have tried. but i just cant trust him, he tells me hes going to bed at 8 pm. of course i dont trust him and he gets mad, which just makes me think why are you going to bed then. are you just telling me this and really going out?

I hav given up, there is nothing to do. If you cant trust someone what else can you do?

yesterday this lady came into my work, i work at a dog groomers and asked me why her dog was in a cage, i began to tell her, that her dog didnt bite anyone or acted like it was going to but it did bark at other dogs so by law and regulations we have to lock it up. she began to flip out on me saying that thats out of her dogs nature and that her dog would never bark at another dog. her dog is a german shephard. and of course, he is a dog, its nature for them to bark. she said that she is not bringing him back ever and that its a shame i work at a dog grooming place. i told her its not a problem or and issue, but you asked why the damn dog was locked up so i wasnt going to lie to you. then she busted in the back where it clearly says employees only and goes, well if youre so scared of him ill get himself.
I dont hate the public but i dont really like it either. its not a shame i work at a dog grooming place. i dont actually groom the dogs, but if a big huge german shephard is barking at everything that walks by it, im not going to go up to it and pet it. i just cant believe the nerve of some people.
So she tells me that she is going to call my boss and tell her its a shame you have people like me working at a dog grooming place if i am scared of some of the dogs and that its not of this dogs nature to bark at at other dogs and it was something i was doing. i couldnt believe my ears. ITS A DOG! its going to bark, thats what they do. luckily when i talked to my boss

i made my valentines day cards for Lindsay's valentines day card swap

all my awesome supplies!

which one will YOU get?! lol

other than that, now will school starting up i have been super busy. i already wrote my first essay that is not due for another week but i figured it will give me some free time later this week to do nothing but relax and catch up on my dvr shows.
the weather here in st louis has been insane, after about 6pm you cant see the road, its so foggy

that is a shop n save, i was literally standing right in front of it and couldnt even see the sign.

my first full tank of gas in 2010! im a nerd but i take joys in the fact that im getting out of debt.

and thats all for now, but i leave you with this to go on your way...

p.s does anyone think they might want to do like a blogger showcase with me in it? i am seriously lacking on the follower front. it would be amazing if you could and i promise to repay you in any way shape or form. besides money, im really broke!


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your cards are so cute!!!!! I cant stan when people are so rude to others when they dont know them, biggest pet peeve. Sorry she was so mean to you :( Congrats on winning the giveaway :)

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ninie said...

hi...i just discovered u and i defintely love this pattinson 's card...your thoughts about your guy really "touched" me...already lived that kind of story and i 've been in "therapy" for 2years now..;i just wanted to tell u that nobody would change...when u love someone u accept him all, he will never be totally like u want otherwise it should become a mirror & it's very hard to look ourselves in a english is so bad, i wanted to explain you, that sometimes love means accept that the other one is different from us and it's a good thing, you've got to be independant, and it doesn't mean that u don't love him...arrrggghhh, i can't find my words...