Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay now that I have figured some of this out, lets get an introduction going.

I am Courtney. HI! I will never be perfect at my grammar. I just type a little to fast to care i suppose.
I am 23 and Im a mother to a son who is four. We both live in St. Louis MO. Just think of the state with the Arch in it.

I am a student at the local community college here.

I am battling o.c.d and trying to find other alternatives to medicine for my cure.

My passions are Fashion, Photography, Film, Literature, and Journalism. I also collect owls and marilyn monroe stuff.

Maybe one day I can photograph the stars and models on the runway and write about them in a newspaper or magazine.

maybe one day.

from this i hope to document my life and just have it as a way to look back on things, harriet the spy style.

I hope to just have an outlet and be happy and have it be a postive experience while i share my life with all of you.

This is my son and myself, we like to be goofy.
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things that inspire me

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Owl Pictures, Images and Photos
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LOOK AT ALL THAT STORAGE! my heart is melting!
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mmmm vintage.

well that is all for now.